we connect restaurants to suppliers



FoodSupply is a marketplace for restaurants and their suppliers.


We bring restaurants and suppliers together and then help them grow long term business relationships.


FoodSupply allows restaurants and suppliers to share critical information like pricing, stock availability and delivery times in real time.


Live Pricing

Always see the latest prices when you order, no next day surprises.

Instant Orders

Receive immediate feedback on stock availability and expected delivery date and time.

Better Suppliers

FoodSupply continiously monitors supplier service levels and actively help them improve on it.

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All pricing is confidential, each client can have custom discount levels and they only see their effective prices.

Live Pricing

Change prices as often as you need to, your clients will always see the latest prices before they order.

More Business

All restaurants on FoodSupply give preference to suppliers on FoodSupply. If all your competitors are not on FoodSupply yet you're in an ideal position to increase your market share.

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