Brand Owners

Properly represent and market your brands and products to buyers

Control your marketing

Brand Owners are great at marketing and Distributors are great at logistics. Most Distributors sell products of multiple competing brands and can not represent each brand equally.

Food Supply Network gives Brand Owners access to tools to market directly to buyers without undercutting their supply chain.

1 Brand Identity

Get full control over how buyers see your brands and products.

Product Library

Add detailed information on all your products to the largest product library and make them discoverable by buyers.

Brand Profile

Control how your brand is represented and bring cohesion to your individual products.

Information Flow

The moment you update anything on your master library changes are immediately propagated through the entire supply chain updating distributor systems automatically.

2 Supply Chain

See your direct and indirect distributors, which products they stock and which they don't.

Preferred Distributors

Use our supply chain visibility, stock level indicators and the 5-star FS Supplier Rating to identify your preferred distributors.

Highlight your preferred distributors to buyers when they view your product in the Marketplace.


Food Supply Network shows you who all the direct and indirect distributors of your products are. We'll also tell you exactly which of your products they have on offer and what their stock level is.

Discontinued Products

Mark discontinued products and we'll indicate that to distributors and buyers.

Discontinued products that remain active on distributor system and simply marked out of stock is detrimental to your brand.

3 Expand Market Share

Engage with new buyers and introduce new products to existing buyers.


Pass discounts directly to buyers irrespective of which distributor the buyer uses.

Product Launches

Introduce new products to the entire Marketplace (existing and potential buyers) at the same time.

Product Placement

Strategic placement of your products as category images in the Marketplace.

Featured Products

Your products featured at the top of the list.

4 Retain Market Share

Build long term buyer loyalty towards your Brands and Products.

Loyalty Rewards

Effect long term change in buying behaviour and get access to valuable data with a brand loyalty program direct to buyers irrespective of which distributor they use.

Client Retention

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that constantly evaluates the buying behaviour of every buyer with every one of your products and dynamically adjusts buyer specific rewards and promotions (within set parameters) to minimize the chances of the buyer switching brands.

5 Distribution

All the same features available to Distributors are available to Brands as well.

Order Processing

Receive all orders from clients in a consistent format and increased accuracy with client side approvals.

Measure Performance

An automated weekly performance evaluation that allows you to see your service delivery from the clients perspective and react accordingly.


Streamline your entire ordering and fulfilment process by integrating with your ERP or Accounting system.

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