All your suppliers, products, prices and stock levels on a single system

Order with confidence

See pricing specific to you, see stock availability, know that your order was received, know when it will be delivered, get automated notifications if anything changes!

1 Find Products

Find the products you're looking for

Product Library

Access to the largest digital product library with detailed information and specifications maintained directly by manufacturers


Easily search or browse through thousands of products in the marketplace then get in touch with suppliers that can deliver at your door

2 Choose Suppliers

Select the suppliers that match your service level expectations

FS Supplier Rating

Suppliers get a 5-star rating reflecting their responsiveness and reliability. The rating is based on actual order processing metrics captured by Food Supply Network.

Delivery Schedule

Know exactly when and how often every supplier can deliver to you.

FS Supplier Level

The higher the supplier level the more functionality is available on Food Supply Network. E.g. live stock levels, live pricing, real time order confirmation, dispatch notifications etc.

3 Place Orders

Accurate information is available before any orders are placed

Live Pricing

Always know the latest pricing at the time of ordering

Stock Availability

Know when something is out of stock before you order, no next day surprises!

Instant Feedback

Know exactly what will be delivered and when

Full Audit Trail

A full audit trail on who created, approved, accepted, modified orders

4 Order Fulfillment

Orders are fulfilled by your distributor of choice

Order Status

Get notified the moment an order is opened, accepted and dispatched


Receive notification if anything can not be delivered or any changes are made to an order.

Electronic Delivery Note

Confirm receipt on an electronic delivery note and automate your GRV recons.

5 Multiple Branches

Food Supply Network was designed specifically to provide multi branch functionality for groups or franchise operations.

Order Approvals

The procurement department can optionally approve all orders before they are processed

Tiered Permissions

Orders can automatically flow from your system to the suppliers accounting system.

Group Reporting

Reports custom made for large franchise groups

6 Integration

Food Supply Network can optionally integrate with your POS or accounting system to remove the need for laborious and error prone data capturing.

Latest Pricing

Price changes can automatically feed into your system to ensure recipe costings are always up to date.

Send Orders

Orders can automatically flow from your system to the suppliers accounting system.

Receive Invoices

Invoices can be pushed directly into your system from the suppliers accounting system.

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