Increase your customer basket size through greater product visibility

Increase your exposure and service levels

Buyers search for products first and then they decide which suppliers to use!

A Marketplace listing ensures that you're considered as a possible supplier for every product you sell.

1 Product Library

Access to the largest product library with detailed information and specifications maintained directly by manufacturers

Find new products

Search or browse through thousands of products in the product library.

Identify new products you want to sell and know exactly who to contact to make it happen.

Link your products

Show your clients detailed information on every product you sell.

Product names, descriptions, images and specifications are automatically updated whenever the manufacturer changes anything.

2 Be visible in the Marketplace

Thousands of buyers use the marketplace to find products and suppliers


Buyers search for products first! When they find those products, make sure you're listed as a supplier


Be listed as a supplier in the product categories most important to you


Push promotions directly to your client base!

3 Engage with Clients

Engage with existing and new clients

Existing Clients

Automatically communicate the latest pricing, stock availability, promotions and new products to your existing clients

Qualified Leads

Qualified leads from Marketplace enquiries are passed directly to you.

Invites come with access to the full client profile allowing you to quickly identify the leads you want to deal with

New Clients

Accepting a client invite adds you as an supplier on their ordering dashboard and gives them access to pricing, stock availability, promotions and new products

4 Process Orders

Receive Orders

Receive all orders as per your product codes, no guessing what the client wants

Process Orders

Any adjustments you make when accepting, rejecting or dispatching orders are immediately communicated to clients


Each order has a full timeline attached so everyone knows who created, approved, accepted and dispatched every order

5 Measure your performance

A true reflection of your service delivery with all bias and hearsay removed

FS Supplier Rating

A 5-star rating reflecting your responsiveness and reliability. The rating is based on actual order processing metrics captured by Food Supply Network.

Key Performance Indicators

We calculate KPIs on a weekly basis and track your performance level changes.

Get a true objective reflection of how your staff are performing and use it to increase your service levels.

Service Level Agreements

We continuously track your service levels with every client.

Our client specific KPIs are used by many distributors and clients to track and manage SLAs.

6 Integration

Food Supply Network can optionally integrate with your POS or accounting system to remove the need for laborious and error prone data capturing.

Cloud Based API

We have a cloud based API that allows your ERP or accounting system to be seamlessly integrated not only with our ordering system, but also to the accounting systems of your suppliers and clients.

Live Pricing and Availability

Price changes and stock availability can automatically be updated whenever they change on your internal system.

Receive Orders

New orders can automatically be pushed into your internal system eliminating error prone order capturing.

Client Accounts

Account balances, statements and invoices can automatically be pushed to the document repository of every client reducing account queries and and speeding up payment processing to you.

7 Upgrade when the time is right

You can use as much or as little of the system as you want, when you feel the time is right simply activate additional functionality

Simple Packages

Our month-to-month subscription packages are simple and upgraded when it makes business sense to do so.

Tiered Pricing

Transaction fees are based on tiered pricing that automatically reduces your transaction fees as your sales volumes increase.