Cape Herb & Spice French Tarragon 5g

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A rather unique and scarce herb, tarragon is the essential ingredient in a traditional Béarnaise sauce. It is also a brilliant flavour accompaniment to vinegars, dressings and casseroles. As it is a delicate leaf which is easily broken up during cooking, add at the same time as your liquid and allow to simmer with a minimal amount of stirring.

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12 x 5g

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Cape Herb & Spice

Hello Flavour – Cape Herb & Spice is the premium Herb & Spice brand in South Africa offering a range of seasonings to elevate every meal. With over 80% of the herbs and spices procured from source, Cape Herb & Spice delivers on the promise of all products being non-irradiated, free from added MSG and free from preservatives and artificial colours & flavours.

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