KWV 15 Year Old Brandy 750ml

Alcohol - Spirits - Brandy [6002323005391]

A pure double distilled potstill brandy which is matured in premium
French oak barrels for 15 years to develop an alluring flavour of peach,
dried fruit and raisins, and a floral bouquet of subtle port aromas..

The result is a bright golden and complex brandy with evident notes of dried apricot, peach and plum and a lingering, smooth and unforgettable taste. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

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6 x 750ml

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KWV Brandy

Join KWV in celebrating 100 years of success in innovative viti- & viniculture.
Nestled in the quaint Western Cape town of Paarl,
KWV’s modest beginning sprung from dreams of visionary local farmers.
Today KWV has grown into a globally recognised,
award winning wine and spirits company.
This is a tremendous milestone considering the pioneering role
KWV played in the South African Wine Industry since 1918.
Reflecting on our past and appreciating the present,
we are able to envision a great future.
May passion, partnerships and your pioneering spirit,
lead the way for the next century to come.

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