Doom Rattex Deadly Pellets Sachets 25g

Cleaning - Pest Control - Insects - Insecticide [6004201004052]

Doom customer care: 086 000 5342

The Death sentence for rats & mice
-The original Rodenticide brand of Southern Africa
-A counter seasonal product – with winter skew
-Competes against Mortein
-Limited innovation since launch

Pack sizes


10 x 25g

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For over sixty years, Doom has been well known for its fast, deadly killing power, effectively ridding you of pests.

Nobody likes to have their home visited by creepy-crawlies or embarrassing bugs. To help you keep your space pest free, Doom uses advanced active ingredients to ensure you are protected.

Doom comes in the familiar range of aerosols, as well as a fogger, coils, powders (Blue Death), plug-in units, mat and liquid refills, as well as various Rattex offerings for mice and rats.

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