Blue Mountain Hygiene was founded in 1990, and is still run by the same team today. The company offers its client base a wide range of products, preferring to focus on hygiene solutions and support, rather than a simple drop-and-go approach. The brands and manufacturers that the company chooses to support have been well researched and selected based on local availability, low carbon-footprint, BEE-status and, of course, unwavering quality of product.

Our delivery system ensures that customers are visited at least one a week, and our delivery teams perform cursory checks on dosing and dispensing equipment. Representatives call on customers regularly, and can assist with any problems, technical or otherwise, training, and trouble-shooting.

New and prospective customers will be visited by company reps, who will assess specific hygiene requirements in order to provide a concise quote. Once Blue Mountain Hygiene commences supply with a new customer, training for all staff is offered to ensure efficient and safe use of the selected range of chemicals. We can assist with HACCP compliance set-up, and our holistic, support-orientated approach means we can deal with a variety of ad-hoc and off-the-wall enquiries.

Give us a call, we’d love to help.